Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law that enables particular files to be taken down by their owners if they are used without proper authorization. To be able to file a complaint, please go through steps below:

1. Accumulate the URL(s) and Topic(s) of the offending file(s)/content(s).

2. Make sure you are the correct person who owns the file and that the file does not possess permission to be utilized on this web site. To ensure the DMCA to succeed, be certain to send an e-mail using a domain that is legally owned by the offended company. DMCA claims from Gmail, Hotmail, or any other web mail accounts will not be accepted.

3. Prepare an e-mail to be sent to

4. Have the subject of the email "DMCA - Company Name" (eg. "DMCA - Microsoft")

5. Include the URL(s) and Topic(s) Accumulated in step 1 within the content of the email. The email must contain the Identification of copyrighted works, Copyright infringing material location(s), and Statement of authority.

Once the email is sent, the file will most likely be removed within 5 business days. We're very sorry for this trouble!

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